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Posted August 20. 2005 16:25:05 from
Well done to the committee for arranging a great night,it was well worth the trip home and the hangover! Thanks to Jill for being a great hostess,(didn't envy you having to do the tidying up).Great to catch up with everyone again,see you all in 10 years time.All the best Donna Taylor
Posted August 17. 2005 16:24:23 from
Thanks to the commitee and everyone who attended for an absolutely brilliant night. Great to see all those faces again. Thanks to Jill for the after doo party, what a night and morning. You'll have to do it Shetland style next time over a weekend (Fri - pupils only, Sat - pupils & partners, Sun - hair of the dog!! Let's not wait ten years for the next one. All the best Gary Irvine
Posted August 16. 2005 22:00:02 from
Thank you for a great night .I hope every person had sore heads the next day.Thanks to Jill for her hospitality and great party afterwards.All the best hope to see you all in the next 10 years Wendy.
Posted August 15. 2005 20:37:39 from
Thank you to all the committee for a fantastic night. It was well worth the sore backside from an 1100 mile round trip on the motorbike. Great to see everybody again and left Orkney on Sunday feeling quite sad for not keeping in touch with people over the last 20 years. Thanks to Jill for the great party and the lack of sleep. Orkney hospitality brilliant as usual. Hope to see more of Orkney soon. All the best to everyone and thank you again. Andy Woodward Thank you also from Doug for making him feel welcome.
Posted August 14. 2005 17:46:55 from
Yes it was a "dam good night" a big thanks to the committee, I was still ill on sat. pm at the the show. Can't wait for the next on if it comes. All the best Jimmy Harcus