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How could I have got a ticket?

Admission will be by ticket only, and these are available now and until 1st July 2005 by filling in the slip on the letter that you may have received already and sending it to Linda Hill, Reunion Committee Secretary, Iona, Lynn Park, Kirkwall, Orkney KW15 1SL.

If you haven't received a letter yet contact Linda or email the address on the Contact Us page.

Better still you can download a copy of the letter using the link below, and send the response back to Linda:

Invitation letter in pdf format (4.4KB)

Save it and then open it if it does not open in Acrobat automatically.

(Requires Acrobat reader- can download from here)

To save you having to phone or write, tickets are available by accosting a committee member or from our retail outlet at Nicolson's Solicitors in Bridge Street Wynd (courtesy of Lows Orkney- why noy buy a house at the same time?). Ask for Linda.

IMPORTANT- Cheques should be made payable to Jill Robb or Neil Tait, until the Reunion account is amended to the correct signatories.